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A couple things before the Dream Team starts your audit

You've made the decision to join us here in Rebrand Land and you’re about to see why that was the best decision you’ve ever made. Our unique approach to branding  produces one of a kind results for each client. Here’s a quick look into our journey together.



Step 1: We make things official!

You’ll submit your retainer fee and check your email immediately after. There you’ll find your contract details and intake questionnaire (be sure to answer all questions in detail to keep your audit on track) !


Step 2: Show us your References!

Oh yeah, we’re all in your life now. Well, sort of! If we’re going to build the perfect rebrand strategy, we need to know everything about you and your legacy. We will be contacting your references for a quick chat, just to put ourselves inside your world (don’t forget to give them a heads up). They are a vital part of our research process! 


Step 3: Tell us your story, your way!

While our Rebrand Dream Team is hard at work conducting market research and collecting important data to build your visual rebrand roadmap, you get the chance to speak to our Rebrand Strategist. During this time, whether virtually or in person, prepare to be as open as possible to guide our conversation and analysis. Remember, you are safe to be exactly who you're meant to be in Rebrand Land. No more hiding, let us know whats up !


Step 4: Take a breath and watch us build

Now to the fun part! We’ll spend the next 2-4 weeks creating the perfect rebrand plan for you. You will receive a digital copy of your Rebrand Guidebook™ Complete with:

+Current Business Analysis
+Analysis of Target Market and Competition 
+Brand Mood Board w/ Mock Logo
+Mock Website Storyboard 
+Action Steps to Successfully Rebrand
+Business Technology + Systems toolbox
+Scalable business plan based on current business analysis*

How did you ever live without a Rebrand Guidebook™ ?


Step 5: Your digital roadmap is finally here !

The moment you've been waiting for! We will meet one last time to deliver and present your roadmap personally! After the meeting you will be presented with the option to move forward with the development process or take your rebrand guidebook and get started on your own ! You’ll have our ear to ask any questions you may have during our time together. We want you to move forward confidently with your legacy planning! 

Not only will you have our full attention, you’ll also have access to our Rebrand A la Carte after our meeting. You’ll get to decide which pieces of your Rebrand you would like to go into development first! 

the Rebrand team is one of a kind! never imagined getting a visual copy of my brand to look at and refer to when speaking to others. I didn't know I needed this example of how far my business could go! thank you rebrand Land!

Travis W.

dallas, TX